Back to School with NerdyCute

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Plus, free domestic shipping on most items. If you’re like us, you love a good excuse to get new school and office supplies. And even better, personalize them with stickers! Check out our new waterproof stickers, new laptop sticker designs and planner sticker kits.

New! Waterproof Stickers

We now offer waterproof stickers of some of our designs! This 3″ wide sticker is waterproof and resistant to fading – use it indoors or outdoors. They’re perfect for sticking to water bottles!

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Fluffle of Bunnies – A Collection of Cute Nerdy Stickers, Stationery and More

Hi, cute nerds! Lena is often wrangling her pet rabbits, so it’s no wonder she’s drawn a lot of bunny designs including the Dutch bunny, nerdy bunny (white and brown versions), nerdy lop bunny and ninja bunny. We now have an entire collection of nerdy, rabbit-themed goodies for your planners, notebooks and letters – and even stuff to wear! Check out our product collection below, and be sure to let us know if you have any requests.

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#CuteAnimalTweetOff wins the Internet

The cuteness overload competition began, Mashable reports, when the Smithsonian’s National Zoo put out a press release on January 25 detailing the birth of a new gray seal. Zoos around the country began posting pictures of their baby animals and before long Twitter feeds were overflowing with cuteness, lasting well into the next day. If you missed the #cuteanimaltweetoff, here’s our contributions…

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New Charms! Manatee, Chemistry Flask, Trilobite


We have three new charm designs! Introducing the manatee, kawaii chemistry flask and trilobite charms. Clip the charm to your keychain, backpack or purse and your favorite design can travel with you wherever you go. Or, choose a brass chain or choker necklace for a nerdy cute fashion accessory. Get the manatee charm or necklace.

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