#CuteAnimalTweetOff wins the Internet

The cuteness overload competition began, Mashable reports, when the Smithsonian’s National Zoo put out a press release on January 25 detailing the birth of a new gray seal. Zoos around the country began posting pictures of their baby animals and before long Twitter feeds were overflowing with cuteness, lasting well into the next day. If you missed the #cuteanimaltweetoff, here’s our contributions…

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Friday Photos: Weird Animals (Episode 1)

Meet the springhaas (also called a springhare)! These weird rodents looks like some sort of squirrel chinchilla rabbit… kangaroo… things. Of those, they’re most closely related to squirrels and chinchillas (which are also rodents), but they hop like kangaroos on their comically oversized hind feet – hind feet with toes that end in little hoof-like claws! Like bunnies, they live in groups, dig burrows, and eat plants (grass and plant bulbs). Read more on Animal Diversity Web!

springhaas_2 springhaas_1

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